Advance Registration is now! (1)
CVCCF Summer 2015

    Fall 2015 Advising/Advance Registration for Current Students

  • Jul 08 2015

  • Fall 2015 Advising/Advance Registration for Current Students

  • Jul 09 2015

News & Events

  • Accepted Students Plan to Attend New Student Experience – July 23

    Are you an ACCEPTED* student entering CVCC for the first time this fall? If so, please plan to attend our New Student Experience on Thursday, July 23. During this event, you will learn about the services offered by the College, take a tour of the campus, meet important College personnel, interact with other new students, talk […]

  • Advance Registration Advance Registration is now! (1)

    Advance Registration is happening now. Don’t wait til fall to secure your class schedule. Make an appointment with your advisor today! Newly Accepted Students: plan to attend the New Student Experience on July 23. For more information on that day, and the form to register, click here.

  • The Captain’s Journal – June

    We’re continue to love your comments and feedback regarding the new college publication- The Captain’s Journal. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy this monthly publication by CVCC for news and events. For questions, comments or concerns about The Captain’s Journal, please contact Kelly Williams at

  • CVCC Foundation awards thirteen scholarships for summer 2015 CVCCF Summer 2015

    The Chattahoochee Valley Community College Foundation awarded $4,800 in summer semester scholarships. Featured in the photo are (front row) Hillary Blanc, Tricia Braun, Nancy Chaney, (back row) Tim Becraft, CVCC Foundation Past Chair, Isreal Jane, Ashley Withrow and Dr. Valerie Richardson, CVCC Interim President. Not present but receiving scholarships are Cheree Colson, Precious Dowdell, Rebecca […]