Withdrawal from a course or from the College

After the drop and add period, the following withdrawal policy is in effect:

Withdrawal from a Course or the College

Withdrawal from a Course

1. Go to cv.edu and click on Student Pirate Web to login
2. At the login page, enter your USER ID and password
3. Click on the Student tab
4. Click on “Student Records”
5. Click on “Registration”
6. Click on “Add or Drop Classes”
7. Click on the class that is to be dropped
8. Click on “Action” and a drop down will appear

a. Select “DW=Web Drop” to dropped classes prior to the official start date of the College (You will not be charged for the course).
b. Select “WW – Web Withdraw” to drop a class after the College designated drop/add period until the end of the withdrawal period.

NOTE: Students enrolled in Nursing programs must adhere to the policies set forth by that program.

Complete Withdrawal Form