Pirate Web


Follow these instructions for signing on:

   1. Access the CVCC website: www.cv.edu

   2. Click “STUDENT PIRATE WEB” tab located at the left top of page

  3. You are now on the Welcome Page. To Login, click the 2nd tab titled “Login”.
  • USER ID – Your 7 digit Student Number (NO SPACES or DASHES)  Student Number: 24XXXXX
  • PIN – 6 digit birth date: 2 DIGIT FOR MONTH, 2 DIGIT FOR DAY, 2 DIGIT  FOR YEAR (NO SPACES or DASHES) Example: June 18, 1992 would be 061892

**A message window may state, “You have signed in with a default password.” Click “OK”.**

Welcome  to your Student Information  Center!
  • Fron the Main Menu on the left, Click ➕ next to the Student Information Center.  This will expand your menu options. 
  • Click ➕ again next to the submenu topic of your choice, to expand.  For example, click ➕ next to “Student” to view your grades, schedules, degree plan, and unofficial transcripts. 
To Print:

Choose the “Print” tab from the menu at the top on the right.

☑ Print your current schedule
☑ Financial Aid information
☑ Register (if approved)
☑ Check your final grades (end of term)
☑ View personal information
☑ View Degree Plan