Online Learning FAQ

CVCC Online Learning FAQs

How do students register for Online Learning classes?

Students register for Online Learning classes, both hybrid and online classes, in the same way that they register for any other class. That is, students apply to the College, apply for financial aid and meet with an advisor as necessary, and register for classes using Pirate Web. For more information Admissions tab at

I registered for an online or hybrid class, now what?

On the first day of the semester, online and hybrid courses become available to students in Blackboard. BlackBoard is CVCC’s learning management system where your instructors will conduct the online courses as well as the online portion of hybrid courses. Login instructions for Blackboard are located on the Online Learning page,

Within the first week of the semester, students in an online class should login to Blackboard and complete the syllabus acknowledgment assignment or other course access assignment posted in BlackBoard. Failure to do so will result in the student being dropped from the course as a no-show. Students in a hybrid class should attend the in-class portion of the hybrid class and submit their online assignment as directed by their instructors.

Are Online Learning classes more difficult than traditional classes?

Online classes have the same learning objectives, assignments, and exams as traditional classes. The difference is in the way the class is delivered. While online and hybrid classes offer greater scheduling flexibility, these courses require more time management and self-discipline than traditional courses. Students have to be responsible for doing the online work, which typically requires 5 or more hours per week per class. It is important to understand what is expected by reviewing the syllabus and checking BlackBoard daily.

Am I eligible for financial aid if I take Online Learning classes?

Yes. Most financial aid grants, loans, scholarships, and other benefits may be used for Online Learning classes. Please contact the Financial Aid Office more information.

Can I transfer Online Learning classes to another institution?

Yes. CVCC’s Online Learning courses are fully accredited, just like its traditional courses, and they can be transferred to another institution. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the institution to which he/she wants to transfer for full details. For more information about transferring to another Alabama institution, visit the STARS transfer guide at

What courses does CVCC offer in the Online Learning format?

CVCC offers a wide variety of courses in online or hybrid format. Hybrid course codes start with the letter H, and online course codes start with the letter N. For a complete course listing, go to

What should I do if I need help submitting an assignment?

Click on the “Blackboard Help” tab in your BlackBoard course to watch the On Demand Learning videos, or review the instructions in the assignment itself. Email the instructor through your Pirate Mail account if these options don’t answer your question. The instructor’s contact information is on the syllabus. You can access your Pirate Mail account (student email) via the CVCC homepage.  If you are a first time user and need to setup your email account, click the “Student Resources” tab, then “Student Email”, and then “Pirate Mail Support” to get information on how log into your student email account.

How will I know if the instructor received my assignments?

Check your gradebook in the My Grades tab after you submit any type of assignment in Blackboard.  You can also go back and view any item that was submitted for grading.  If you can’t remember how to do this you can go to the “Blackboard Help” tab.

Who should I contact if I can’t see my Online Learning course in BlackBoard?

If you see your course one day and then not again, contact your instructor.  He or she is the only one that can make a course unavailable or available to a student. If you have never seen the course in BlackBoard, you are likely not enrolled in the course. In this case you can contact the instructor, your advisor, or the Admissions Office.

My instructor stated that one of my online exams has to be proctored. What does that mean?

In an online course, one major exam or other assessment must be proctored. A proctored exam is an exam that is supervised by an approved proctor who ensures the identity of the test taker and the integrity of the test taking environment. Students can choose to take their proctored exam in CVCC’s Testing Center, an alternate certified testing center, or via ProctorU, an online proctoring service. For more information click on the Proctored Exam Information tab in BlackBoard.