Civility Campaign

Being a part of the Pirate family means that you are going to help contribute to the tone of our campus climate.  And, we want that climate to be one of civility.  According to Weeks (2011), “Civility is demonstrated through manners, courtesy, politeness, and a general awareness of the rights, wishes, concerns, and feelings of others.”

Even a small act of incivility generates more small acts of incivility. Incivility can become ‘normalized’ and can eventually lead to bullying, aggression, harassment and violence.  College is supposed to be an educational process, but when people are trying to function in an uncivil environment, learning becomes difficult.

So, we need your help. Just as incivility yields more of the same, civil behavior and communication is conducive to more civil behavior and communication. You can help us keep the scales tipped in the direction of civility by promoting integrity, respect, accountability, truthfulness, ethical behavior, and scholarship.