Visual Communications

A.A.S. in Visual Communications: Multimedia Graphic Design Option

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Prepares students for careers in graphics and design for print media, multimedia and other applications of commercial art. The multimedia option concentrates on  creative and technical processes involved in print-media production (publishing and advertising for example) as well as multimedia production for the World Wide Web and other Internet, presentation and digital multimedia applications.

The multimedia certificate short certificate program in visual communications is designed for persons seeking employment and for professional development for persons already employed. Credits earned may be applied toward the Associate in Applied Science degree in Visual Communications with the Print Media or Multimedia option.

A.A.S. – Visual Communications: Simulation and Modeling Option

A.A.S. Degree Plan Short Certificate

The simulation and modeling option concentrates on creative and technical processes involved in production of interactive three-dimensional and virtual-reality for use in military applications (crisis management simulation for example) as well as industrial applications, which include 3-D animation for gaming.

The simulation and modeling short certificate teaches the theory, tools and techniques necessary for creating high-quality graphics. Students will learn the principles of interactive 3D, 3D modeling, GIS and programming. They are introduced to 2D and 3D editing software and programming tools. Emphasis is placed on acquiring the skills necessary to create scalable virtual characters and environments for use in simulations and games.

Employment information can be located at Bureau of Labor Statistics.