Student Activities

Student Development is important to the educational experience at CVCC.  A comprehensive program of activities is provided through leadership students and campus CVCC.

CVCC Ambassadors, Diplomats and Leadership Students are groups who have been selected by CVCC to plan, support and promote activities that will complement the academic program by providing students with opportunities for leadership and development of social and cultural interests. Student activities and organizations are open to ALL students at CVCC.

Student Organizations

Ambassadors- Students who have a grade point average of 80 percent or better in all academic course work in high school and active in school and/or community functions are eligible to apply.  Final scholarship recipients are selected by an interview process.

Diplomats- The Diplomats are leadership scholarship recipients who complete 50 hours of community service hours per semester, on campus, in support of student and campus activities and events.  Awardees are selected by area high school counselors and honored by CVCC through graduation as long as institutional criteria are met.  The equivalent value of the scholarship is $12,000.

CVCC Pirate Choir– All students that are interested in singing and willing to be at rehearsals and performances are welcome to the Pirate Choir. The choir meets on Tuesday and Thursday at 100 p.m. Auditions are not required. Our goal with the Pirate Choir is to always represent CVCC with the highest standards of music and performance. The choir will have several opportunities to perform on and off Campus each semester. Scholarships are available for students with exceptional ability. See Mrs. Haag in the Fine Arts Building.

Leadership Students- Students who have a grade point average of 80 percent or better in all academic course work in high school and have been active in school and/or community functions, are eligible to apply for leadership scholarships awarded annually.

Phi Theta Kappa- The purpose of this organization is to recognize and encourage scholarship among community and junior college students by developing leadership, service, and fellowship; and stimulating interest in continuing academic excellence. Invitations for memberships depend on the student achieving a sufficiently high academic grade point average. An induction ceremony is held each spring.

Student Government Association-The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be:

  • To offer opportunities for students to influence campus policies, to share concerns, to express opinions and to jointly participate in the peaceful and ideal resolution of problems with other members of the College community.
  • To provide and execute approved programs, projects and events designed to enhance the entire College community.
  • To foster and to recognize high standards of service and professionalism as demonstrated in the furtherance of the educational purpose and overall mission of the College.
  • To recognize and provide oversight for student organizations and entities directly funded by the Student Government Association.
  • To provide a means whereby student members of the College community may gain experience and training in responsible political participation and community leadership.
  • To provide a means to publicize campus events and college policies that impact students.


Vickie WilliamsAssociate Dean of Student Development and Success
Wilson Hall