Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Chattahoochee Valley Community College continues to monitor COVID-19 and its effects on our communities.  Your safety is of utmost importance, and the College is taking extra precaution to prevent the spread or contamination within our college facilities.  The most current information regarding college operations and processes is outline in the COVID-19 Comeback Plan.  We will constantly update this Web page to ensure that relevant information and guidance is shared.

For Students

Chattahoochee Valley Community College is open for business, offering a variety of instructional and service delivery options.  Classes will be offered as follows:

  • Hybrid classes will return to a normal mode of delivery, with instructors using instructional videos and online assignments as well as in class activities. Hybrid classes require students to attend class one day per week and log in at your leisure for the second day.
  • Virtual Hybrid classes require students to attend face-to-face on campus one day per week and log in at the same time on the next scheduled class day.
  • Traditional (face-to-face) classes and theory classes: have returned to a normal mode; however, students may have the option to transition to an online delivery, with the approval and assistance of the instructor. Classrooms across campus have been equipped with assistive technology to enable students to participate at a distance if needed.
  • Clinical/Preceptorship:
    • Nursing will return to normal modes of delivery. Face-to-face clinicals will be required unless the student has a need for an accommodation due to concerns associated with COVID-19.  In this case, the student must work with the clinical instructor to receive an appropriate adjustment.
    • Additionally, MAT and EMT class delivery will return to normal. The same accommodations noted for nursing students will apply to this category of students as well.

Note:  Many clinical facilities require students to be vaccinated in order to enter the facilities.  This requirement will be communicated to students.  Any health sciences students who elect not to be vaccinated will be instructed that they will not be able to participate in clinicals, if the facility requires vaccines.  Such students will be granted an “I” in the class and will be required to satisfy the requirements at a later date.  This may delay student completion of the program.      

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty should offer classes as pre-arranged through the instructional division.  Online coursework and exams should be assigned through Blackboard. Faculty should monitor their email and Blackboard courses regularly and continue to respond to any student questions in a timely fashion.  Resources for faculty are available in the Blackboard faculty training course.

Effective immediately and until further notice, all work-related in-state travel should be limited to that which is extremely necessary and must be approved in advance by a supervising dean.  All out-of-state travel will be monitored in the same manner.