Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria and Forms

Deadline to submit nominations: October 15, 2021.
Nomination Criteria & Nomination Forms for 2021-22
Alumni – 2022 Nomination Form
  • CVCC graduate or earned 30 semesters or 45 quarter hours.
  • Has notable achievement in career field or public service.
  • Has specific service to the community, community of residence, and/or Chattahoochee Valley Community College.
Athletics – 2022 Nomination Form

1. CVCC Athlete:

  • Athletes must have completed their tenure at CVCC no less than eight years prior to the current induction year.
  • Outstanding CVCC single season performance.
  • Outstanding CVCC career performance.
  • Outstanding post-CVCC athletic accomplishments (Olympic, professional or amateur).

2. CVCC Head Coach or Assistant Coach:

  • Coaching nominees may be former or current.
  • Outstanding career achievement as a Head or Assistant Coach.
  • Must have been an employee in good standing during tenure.
  • Must have continued to be a citizen in good standing and not caused unfavorable publicity for the institution and community.
  • Must have coached for five or more years.

3. CVCC Administrator

  •   Extraordinary athletic support and/or pioneering or continued initiative as an administrator.
Service – 2022 Nomination Form
  • Has notable achievement in career field or public service and/or community.
  • Has specific service to Chattahoochee Valley Community College.

All nomination forms must be completed thoroughly for the nomination to be considered by the committee.  Thank you for your support of the CVCC Hall of Fame.