GED Prep and Testing

GED Preparation

Step 1 – Orientation and Placement Assessment

Students attend an orientation in Owen Hall Room 110.  During this orientation students are welcomed into the program and provided a description of the classes.  Policies and procedures for success are explained during this time.  Immediately following orientation, students take a placement assessment. The placement test is devised to identify the skills an individual lacks that will impede success on the GED exam.

Step 2 – Study

A variety of methods are used in the classroom to prepare students for the GED.  The classes are designed to allow students to work only on the skills that they are lacking or need refreshing. Books and computer software are used to ensure students have a variety of study material.  The Adult Education teachers actively work with learners helping them individually and monitoring their work; working with a small group; or teaching the entire class as a large group, if appropriate.

Step 3 – Re-Assessment

Periodically students are re-assessed to determine if progress has been made toward skill mastery.  Re-assessments are administered as indicated by the student’s progress in a subject area or after 60 hours of instruction, whichever comes first.  This enables the instructor and student to establish what has been learned and what needs to be learned.  This process also helps to determine when a teacher should recommend that the student take the GED test.

Step 4 – Study and Re-Assessment

Once a reassessment is given, the teacher will design a new plan of instruction to match the needs of the student.  This process is repeated until the student is prepared for the GED test.  Some students may remain in the program only a few weeks. Others may require much longer.  The length of time a student remains enrolled in the classes is determined by their individual needs.

Step 5 – The Official Practice GED Test

Once the student has demonstrated mastery of the skills necessary to pass the GED, the teacher will administer an Official Practice Test.  These tests are evaluated by the instructor and are designed to expose the student to the “test experience” before taking the GED test.

Step 6 – GED Test
The student registers and takes the GED test.  All students who pass the GED test are encouraged to participate in the annual GED graduation.


GED Testing

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