Dual Enrollment “FAQ”

When do dual enrollment classes meet?
All dual enrollment classes adhere to the Chattahoochee Valley Community College semester calendar, regardless of location. A course schedule for each semester is available on College’s website and can be  downloaded from www.cv.edu. Chattahoochee Valley Community College follows a schedule of three terms: fall, spring, and summer semesters.  Dual enrolled classes offered at area high schools will adhere to the applicable high school schedule.  See counselor for class time.

What are the fees and tuition for these courses?
Tuition and fees are the same as any other college class, regardless of location, and are payable on the same schedule as any Chattahoochee Valley Community College student. This schedule can be found under Tuition and Fees on our website. The cost for a 3-credit class is currently $480.00 (in-state) to include tuition and fees (2018-19 CVCC Catalog and Handbook).

Are dual enrollment classes the same as any other college class?
The courses offered are taught as any other college class with fully-credentialed Chattahoochee Valley Community College faculty using the same textbooks and syllabi whether taught on a high school campus or on a CVCC campus.

What steps are suggested for becoming a dually-enrolled student?

  • Talk to parent/guardian for permission and support.
  • Discuss eligibility status with appropriate high school counselor in completing paperwork.
  • Return completed admissions documents to high school counselor.
  • Provide ACT scores or take ACCUPLACER test for course placement, if needed.
  • Complete courses registration form with assistance from high school counselor.
  • Submit and indicate method of payment for registered courses.

Is the ACCUPLACER test required to dual enroll?
The ACCUPLACER test is not required for admission. However, if a student plans to take an academic course and has not taken ACT, the ACCUPLACER test is required for placement. Certain programs will require ACCUPLACER scores to enter the program regardless of grade level.  For information on how to register to take the ACCUPLACER test, please contact your high school counselor.

What scores do I need on my ACT to place in English 101 and math classes?
An 18 or higher on the English portion of the ACT is required for enrollment in English 101.

Students planning to take a math course with an ACT mathematics score of 20 or higher are exempted from the ACCUPLACER placement test. Placement of these students will be evaluated using the following criteria:
ACT math score 20-21 Math 100 Intermediate College Algebra
ACT math score 22 Math 112 (Pre-calculus with Algebra)
ACT math score 23- or higher for MTH 115 (Pre-calculus and MTH 125 (Calculus I) See DE Coordinator for criteria.

What else should I know?
Students should work very closely with their guidance counselors during the process of admission. Students may also contact Chattahoochee Valley Community College’s dual enrollment department at dualenrollment@piratemail.cv.edu  for more information.