To provide necessary support to students so they can achieve at a high level, succeeding in the current course and being well-prepared to succeed in the next one


  • Upgrade Math Tutoring Center (MTC)
  • Hire coordinator and additional professional and peer tutors
  • Provide orientation and training
  • Expand space and hours of operation
  • Refer struggling students to MTC
  • Offer refresher workshops in preparation for challenge tests


Provide Math Tutoring Center  
  • Added computers to Math Tutoring Center (MTC) in BRS214
August 2013
  • Renovate 2nd floor of library
July 15 2014
  • Met with Rebecca from Alabama Contract Sales
December 5, 2013
  • Follow-up meeting with Rebecca
January 27, 2014
  • Electronic  sign in
  • Pat visited CSU
December 2013
  • Debra,Jody, Rodrigo developing interface
Began January 2014
Have full-time spend 2 hours per week in MTC August 2013
Hire MTC Coordinator June 2014
  • create job description
February 3, 2014
  • advertising Spring semester
March 2014
Hire additional tutors (student and/or professional  
  • Hiring one tutor
January 13, 2014
  • Search reopened and have two applicants
Interviewing hopefully February 10-17


Campus Tutoring Hours for CVCC Students
Khan Academy (Video tutorials)
Interact Math (Tutorial Exercises) Click ENTER. Then select your textbook: For MTH090 choose Martin-Gay: Basic College Mathematics, 4e.  For MTH098 or MTH100 choose Lial: Beginning & Intermediate Algebra, 5e.