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IMG_9420CVCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Factor in your Future: Making Math a Priority from the Start is focused on improving student learning and success in math.  As part of the redesign of the math program the Math Tutoring Center (MTC) has been created. The new area has been constructed on the second floor of the library (Owen Hall).  The purpose of the tutoring center is to help students to master topics as they are taught in courses.  In the MTC we believe that students can achieve high goals with continued effort and a growth mindset. There are twelve computers and several open tables for students to use in the tutoring center. The center is staffed with at least two tutors for most of its 12 hours of operation between Monday and Thursday, and 4 hours on Friday and Sunday.  Instructors also come to the MTC to meet students, as well as to help tutor.  With this Math Tutoring Center many students have found success in their math classes.

The Math Tutoring Center also reaches out to students in several ways. The Lunch and Learn Program is made up of sessions that are held once a month and target factors that influence the learning potential of students. Also, On Board Math Prep takes place through the MTC every semester. On Board Math Prep is facilitated by the Math Tutoring Center Coordinator and prepares students to try to challenge out of developmental math courses.  On Board begins around midterm of each semester and ends on the first day of the following semester.  Math Reviews are held to aid students as they prepare to take final exams, or to challenge out of a developmental course.  These reviews are scheduled within two weeks of final exams or challenge exams, and are held for developmental math students. In addition to the Lunch and Learn, On Board, and Math Reviews the MTC posts a Problem of the Week, an inspirational Quote of the Week, and a Math Fun Fact to entertain and inspire students.


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