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From Our Chair, Mary Johnson

Faculty members at the 2015 Academic Awards Banquet.

Faculty members at the 2015 Academic Awards Banquet.


Mathematics can open many doors, but can also be a challenge to many individuals.  The mathematics department at CVCC recognizes this fact and is committed to providing quality instruction in a supportive learning environment to our students.  Highly qualified full-time and adjunct faculty, as well as math tutoring center personnel, devote much time and energy. Whether it is inside or outside the classroom, our goal is to help students make sense of and even enjoy mathematics.

We take our love of math seriously!

We take our love of math seriously!

In fact, the College’s Quality Enhancement Plan, Factor in your Future:  Making Math a Priority from the Start is focused on improving student learning and success in math. The QEP involves a math refresher program entitled On Board Math Prep that works to ensure proper placement in math coursework. The QEP also involves course redesign to improve student learning. We’ve added a well-equipped and staffed Math Tutoring Center for additional assistance. CVCC and the math department are dedicated to helping all students succeed in math and achieve their goals.

To meet the needs of our students seeking A.A., A.S., or A.A.S. degrees, as well as transient students, we offer developmental algebra courses through precalculus and calculus. The department also offers math for elementary teachers, finite mathematics, and statistics.  Please see the course catalog for course descriptions and the course schedule for days and times.

Faculty & Staff

Chair, Math Mary Johnson
Instructor, Mathematics Dr. Patricia Boling
334- 291-4967
Instructor, Mathematics Beth Cox
Instructor, Mathematics Shawn Junghans
Instructor, Mathematics Jacques McKinnon
 Math Tutoring Center Coordinator Melinda Pell