Are You Ready?

Before enrolling in online classes, students should be able to honestly agree with the following statements:

1. I have a computer at home or available routinely with DSL or cable Internet access.
2. I have strong typing skills.
3. I know how to upload and download files.
4. I can navigate the Internet via Firefox, Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome.
5. I have completed or tested out of RDG 085.
6. I have completed or tested out of ENG 093.
7. I expect to spend more than 5 hours per week online for an online course.
8. I understand that distance learning courses often require ff than a traditional on-campus course.
9. I am not on academic probation.
10. I have taken or am currently enrolled in CIS 101B Computer Applications Lab (Blackboard).
11. I have Microsoft Office Suite and have a general knowledge about using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
12. I am self-disciplined.
13. I am willing to ask for help when needed.
14. I have strong time-management skills.
15. I have completed or tested out of MTH 092 if I wish to enroll in either CIS 146 or BIO 103 online.

Students for whom the following conditions apply will not be allowed to enroll in online courses:

• First-term college students who have never attended any college before
• Students needing RDG 085
• Students needing ENG 093
• Students who are on academic probation
• Students needing the courses listed below will not be allowed to enroll in online classes for which the respective course is a prerequisite until the prerequisite has been satisfied:

• MTH 091
• MTH 092

All online and hybrid courses are delivered via the Blackboard interface. Students who register for online and hybrid courses will be “enrolled” in the Blackboard section assigned for each course. All students taking online and hybrid courses are required to complete CIS 101B as a prerequisite or corequisite.

A student’s advisor may override the requirement for CIS 101B if (1) the student has completed an equivalent Blackboard class from another institution which must be verified on the student’s transcript or (2) the student has completed a “competency lab exercise” which will be verified by appropriate CIS faculty. (A fee may be charged for the competency lab exercise.)

Each online class will include a required “Course Access” component that students must complete to verify initial attendance. The “Course Access” activity will include the following:

• Information about Blackboard locations for the course syllabus; instructor contact information; assignments and exams and other course information as needed.
• Completion of an assessment (test) about the above material. This assessment serves to verify students’ “attendance.” Students who do not complete the “Course Access” activity will be identified as NS (no-show) and will be blocked from the class.

Some online classes may require one or two assessment activities to be conducted on campus. Students should contact their instructors for this information.