Blackboard Support

How do I contact Blackboard support?

Blackboard Lean Support

Phone: 833-793-4500

In your email be sure to send the following information:
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Are you a Senior, Junior, III, IV … ? (This is related to your name, not your status at CVCC)
  • The name of the class you are enrolled in on Blackboard
  • Section number
  • The website you trying to login to:
What information should you not send us?

Social Security Number (Email is not secure. Information is unencrypted and can be read during transmission. You should never email your SSN# to anyone!)

You sent us an e-mail, but we are not responding.

We have had several people email us from AOL accounts and not provide another means of contacting them. Replies to one student’s email address were rejected, while replies to the other student email addresses have not been answered. If you send us an email and do not hear back from us within 24 hours give us a call so we can resolve your situation 334-291-4920.