OIEP Goals

1. To provide information and access to data that relate to the College’s institutional effectiveness

a. Aid in the timely collection, analysis of institutional-related information
b. Respond in a timely manner to internal and external request for data
c. Update the Fact Book annually

2. To conduct institutional research and assessment, and to use the results for continuous improvement in the attainment of the College’s mission and goals.

a. Maintain/modify and implement the institutional effectiveness assessment cycle
b. Coordinate and administer surveys and questionnaires to accomplish the institutional assessment cycle
c. Analyze the assessment data, summarize and disseminate the results for the College community
d. Utilize the Office of IE webpage for disseminating information

3. To assist with the planning, developing operational plans, and implementing assessment activities that align with College and departmental mission and goals.

a. Assist with planning as appropriate using research and assessment data to support requests
b. Suggest various evaluation or assessment methods and assessment procedures
c. Assist in the selection, development or adaptation of assessment instruments
d. Assist in the analysis and interpretation of assessment data and results
e. Monitor and help with the update of Unit Plans annually

4. To encourage the College community to use the OIEP resources and data to advance the College’s mission and goals as they relate to teaching, research, and public service.

a. Facilitate institutional effectiveness workshops for division/department/functional units
b. Assist all functional units with the identification of measures to accomplish operational objectives and learning outcomes