Parking Areas

The College provides parking spaces for students in the east and west designated parking lots. Students who park on campus must obtain a vehicle registration tag from the Switchboard Operator/Receptionist in Wilson Hall for each vehicle he/she will park on campus. There is no charge for the parking tag.

A student seeking a parking tag must present a valid driver’s license and the make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle being registered. Parking tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another, or from one student to another.

The parking tag must be affixed to vehicles in the place and manner designated at the time the tag is issued. Each permit expires according to the date indicated on the tag or when the respective student is no longer registered at the College.

A parking tag should be removed if a registered vehicle is sold, traded, or if the student is no longer enrolled at CVCC. Any change in ownership of a registered vehicle must be reported immediately to the Security Office. On-campus parking space is limited; therefore, a parking tag is not a guarantee of an available parking space. CVCC reserves parking spaces for visitors in designated areas. Visitors need not register with the Security Office to use these spaces. CVCC students may not use visitor parking spaces.

Parking for students with disabilities

A student who needs special parking accommodations due to disability must present appropriate documentation from a medical doctor stating the nature, extent, and expected duration of the disability. Parking accommodations for students with disabilities are handled through the College’s ADA Compliance Coordinator. The Switchboard Operator/Receptionist in Wilson Hall will issue the parking permit to the student at the request of the ADA Coordinator.