Medical Assisting

MAT Applications available in Applications section of Health Sciences page, Application Deadline (spring enrollment): NOVEMBER 1,  Application Deadline (fall enrollment): JUNE 1

Medical Assisting

The Medical Assisting Program is intended to prepare students to provide patient care in physician’s offices, minor emergency centers, long-term care facilities, and other types of free-standing medical clinics.  In the clinical role, the medical assistant provides assistance to the physician during assessment and examination of patients, treatment interventions, and in-office diagnostic protocols.  Students in this program will learn to perform physical assessments, take medical histories, take and record vital signs, administer medications, assist with diagnostic procedures, take electrocardiograms, interpret life-threatening arrhythmias, perform venipuncture, and interpret basic laboratory results.

Medical Assistants are also prepared to assume administrative roles in physician’s offices, including dealing with procedures, billing protocols, coding mechanisms, typing of medical correspondence utilizing appropriate medical terminology, office accounting procedures, and insurance processing.

Upon completion of this program, the student will be awarded the A.A.S. – Associate in Applied Science degree and will be eligible to sit for a certification examination.

For more information about a career as a medical assistant, please click on the following links from American Association of Medical Assistants: FAQ & What is a Medical Assistant?


Applicants to the Medical Assisting Program must:

  1. Have unconditional admission to the College.
  2. Complete the application for the Associate of Applied Science Medical Assisting.
  3. Achieve a minimum cumulative college GPA of 2.0 OR a minimum 2.0 cumulative high school GPA if no prior college coursework exists OR a GED certificate.
  4. Complete all developmental course work prior to enrollment in any medical assisting courses.
  5. Be eligible for enrollment in English 101 and Math 100 as determined by the College.
  6. Good standing with the College.
  7. Meet essential functions required for medical assisting.
  8. Must be able to comply with any additional requirements as outlined by the clinical agencies such as dress code or confidentiality training.


Students seeking admission to the Medical Assisting Program must submit the following:

To the Admissions Office:

  • CVCC application
  • Official transcripts from all colleges previously attended
  • Proof of high school graduation (transcripts) or GED certificate
  • Documentation of ACT scores or COMPASS placement test

To the Health Sciences Office:

  • MAT program application
  • Unofficial transcripts from all colleges previously attended

All information must be included for the packet to be complete.  Any piece of missing documentation will result in the application not being considered for admission.  Information will not be accepted via fax.  All applications must be delivered in person or by mail.


Students who are accepted into the  Medical Assisting program will be required to submit the following no later than the end of the first semester of enrollment in the MAT program:

  • Current history and physical completed by a licensed physician (must be completed on CVCC Physical Form)
  • Documentation of immunization/health check
    • MMR- Series of 2 vaccinations or positive titer, if vaccination record is not available
    • Varicella- Vaccination or positive titer
    • Hepatitis B- Series of 3 vaccinations, waiver (form provided by CVCC Health Sciences), or positive titer
    • Tetanus- Vaccination (received within last 10 years from application deadline)
    • Tuberculosis (TB)- Current negative PPD (TB skin test received, received within past year from application deadline) or normal chest x-ray (if PPD is positive) and PPD waiver (form provided by CVCC)
    • Influenza- Current vaccination (received within past year from application deadline) or waiver (form provided by CVCC)
  • Copy of valid health insurance card
  • Copy of valid American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR certification
  • Negative drug test (drug test form provided by CVCC)
  • Background check (conducted by Clinical Backgrounds)
  • Essential Functions form read and signed by applicant and physician, acknowledging understanding and confirming ability to meet essential functions and technical standards for medical assisting with or without reasonable accommodations.



Short Certificate- Medical Assisting

The medical assisting certificate program required the student to complete 25 semester hours, 24 of which are in medical assisting courses. This program will prepare students for careers in the health care field by offering courses in both the clinical and administrative functions of a physician’s office. Prior to completion of the medical assisting certificate, students will complete a 225-hour preceptorship in a medical setting. Please see “Required Documents” under A.A.S.- Medical Assisting for required immunizations and certifications.

Credit Hours
Required Courses 25
EMS 100- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1
MAT 101- Medical Terminology 3
MAT 102- Medical Assisting Theory 3
MAT 103- Medical Assisting Theory II 3
MAT 111- Clinical Procedures I 3
MAT 120- Medical Admin. Procedures I 3
MAT 121- Medical Admin. Procedures II 3
MAT 211- Clinical Procedures II 3
MAT 229- Medical Assisting Preceptorship 3

Short Certificate- Phlebotomy

The College offers a 13 hour short-term certificate in phlebotomy which prepares the student for work in acute care settings such as major hospital laboratories, minor emergency centers and free-standing laboratories working under the supervision of medical laboratory technologists or laboratory managers. The courses will provide both classroom and clinical experiences. Please see “Required Documents” under A.A.S.- Medical Assisting for required immunizations and certifications.

Credit Hours
Required Courses 13
EMS 100- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 1
MAT 101- Medical Terminology 3
MAT 125- Laboratory Procedures I 3
MAT 215- Laboratory Procedures II 3
MAT 239- Phlebotomy Preceptorship 3