Are You Ready?

Before enrolling in online classes, students should be able to honestly agree with the following statements:

1. I have a computer at home or available routinely with DSL or cable Internet access.
2. I have strong typing skills.
3. I know how to upload and download files.
4. I can navigate the Internet via Firefox, Explorer, Safari, or Google Chrome.
5. I have completed or tested out of RDG 085 and/or RDG 114.
6. I have completed or tested out of ENG 093.
7. I expect to spend more than 5 hours per week online for an online course.
8. I understand that distance learning courses often require more effort than a traditional on-campus course.
9. I am not on academic probation.
10. I have taken or am currently enrolled in CIS 101B Computer Applications Lab (Blackboard).
11. I have Microsoft Office Suite and have a general knowledge about using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
12. I am self-disciplined.
13. I am willing to ask for help when needed.
14. I have strong time-management skills.
15. I have completed or tested out of MTH 098 IF I wish to enroll in either CIS 146 or BIO 103 online.

Computer/Browser/Operating System Requirements:
It is recommended that you have…
Dual Core processosor
2 Gig of Ram minimum
Cable or DSL Internet connection of 1.5 Meg Download or higher
Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or 9 or higher
Safari 5 or higher
Operating System
Windows XP or Windows 7 is recommended
iOS X (Mac OS 10)