Benefit Information

Pay Source State of Alabama
Salary See Job Announcement or Employment Agreement
Retirement Individual contributes 7.25 percent per pay period. This is matched 10 percent per pay period by the State in which employee receives when vested after 10 years of service.  Full retirement at 25 years or age 60 plus 10 years service.
Health Insurance PEEHIP (self-funded)Plans Available:1.  Basic Hospital Plan  –  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama

2. Supplemental Plans  –  Southland National Insurance Corporation

(Hospital Indemnity; Dental; Cancer; Vision Plans)


Cost to employee for one of the above: (a) single coverage $15; and (b) family coverage $177.  There is an additional fee of $28 monthly for tobacco users.


If the Basic Hospital Plan is selected, an employee can purchase supplemental insurance for $38 a month per plan, with the dental plan at $45 a month.

Life Insurance Paid by State1. $15,000 Term Life provided as of hire date (prorated for part-time employees)2.  After one year of service, one times current annual salary.
Voluntary Employee Benefit Programs Volunteer plans available include payroll deducted tax shelters, credit union, additional life insurance, cafeteria plans, etc.  See payroll staff for available plans and the approved vendors.
Sick Leave Staff –  8 hours per month up to a total of 225 daysFaculty – 7 hours per month up to a total of 225 days
Vacation Leave Minimum of 8 hours per month(For Staff Only – Rate varies* upward according to years of experience; can accumulate up to a total of 60 days)
Personal Leave Two days per year for staff; five days for faculty (non-accruing and prorated for part-time salary schedule employees)
Annual College Holidays 15**
Employee Tuition Waiver Tuition waivers are available for both employee and employee’s dependents.Athens State University offers tuition waivers to both employee and employee’s dependents.



*Other Employee Leave

State Salary A,B,C,E Employees – Full Time
Annual Earn:
0 – 4 years 1 day/month (8)
5 – 9 years 1 ¼ days/month (10)
10 – 14 years 1 ½ days/month (12)
15 – 19 years 1 ¾ days/month (14)
20 – above 2 days/month (16)
(Schedule H Employees Will Receive Prorated Days Based On The Number of Hours Worked Per Week)Maximum Accumulation – 60 days(Note:  Annual leave balances are paid as compensation to an employee upon their retirement or termination of employment from CVCC.)
Personal Earn: 2 days/year (At year end, August 31, can convert unused personal to sick leave.
Sick Earn: 12 days/year
State Salary Schedule D Employees – Full Time
Personal Earn: 5 days/year (At year end, August 31, can convert unused personal to sick leave)
Sick Earn: 12 days/year

**Annual College Holidays (15 Days):

Martin L. King Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Break (Thursday & Friday Following)
Christmas Break (Eight Days)